The Buffalo Braves: The Great Lost Team of the 1970’s

Buffalo Braves

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Memorabilia and Relics: Archeology of The Defunct

Why do so many of us treasure these little artifacts, trinkets, ephemera, and graven images of the Buffalo Braves? Is it because these vessels hold the dreams of our youth– or the mournful memories of a city that lost one of the greatest teams to ever call Buffalo home?


More than 50 years ago, this team gave us a glimpse of today’s NBA. Here’s what’s left to remember them.






Playoff Series


Rookies of the Year


Hall of Famers



The Buffalo Braves featured a handful of the greatest players and coaches the NBA has ever known. The team also gave shelter to an abundance of journeymen who history has long forgotten– but we remember here.

The list and statistics of all 73 Buffalo Braves.

Stories and Game Footage

Relive the greatest (and worst) moments in Braves history in these articles, books, video footage, archives, personal stories and resources.