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Buffalo Braves IQ Test
Buffalo Braves IQ Test

Maybe you were just a kid. Maybe you never even saw them play. Or maybe you were at every game (may God bless you). Now's your chance to see how much you recall about the Braves and test your Braves IQ versus other Braves fans from across the world.




1. Which of the following coaches had a winning record with the Braves?
A. Tates Locke
B. Jack Ramsay
C. Cotton Fitzsimmons
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

2. Which is the only team in 54 years of NBA history to have drafted more rookies of the year than the Braves did from 1973 - 1977
A. Chicago
B. Phoenix
C. New York
D. Philadelphia
E. Boston

3. On November 22, 1974 Randy Smith set a team record that he would equal four times. What was his feat?
A. 14 straight free throws without a miss
B. 21 assists
C. 17 points in a quarter
D. 8 steals
E. assisted on or scored every basket in a quarter

4. Two days later, also against Philadelphia, this Brave became the only other Brave ever to do so.
A. Bob Weiss
B. Kenny Charles
C. Bob McAdoo
D. Ernie DiGregorio
E. Lee Winfield

5. In 2005-2006 Kobe Bryant became only the fourth NBA player to ever do this. Wilt Chamberlain, Bob McAdoo and Michael Jordan are the others.
A. Score 35 points in at least 35 games
B. Score 2,830 points or more in a season
C. Make over 1,100 field goals in a season
D. Score at least 20 points in all 82 games
E. Lead his team in scoring all 82 games

6. Since 1960, only Wilt Chamberlain, Bob McAdoo and Shaquille O'Neal have done this.
A. win a scoring title without making a three point shot
B. win back-to-back scoring titles without winning a championship
C. win back-to-back-to-back scoring titles
D. win both the scoring title and the field goal percentage title
E. win back-to-back scoring titles without being named MVP

7. In 1974-75, Bob McAdoo scored more points without making a three-point shot than any other player in NBA history (other than Wilt Chamberlain).
A. True
B. False

8. Who was the first Brave to hail from a local college?
A. Bill Hosket
B. Randy Smith
C. Fred Crawford
D. Herm Gilliam
E. Fred Hilton

9. Who was the first college player drafted by the Braves in 1970?
A. Don May
B. Cornell Warner
C. Bob Kauffman
D. Elmore Smith
E. John Hummer

10. Who was the final college player drafted that made a Braves roster.
A. Adrian Dantley
B. Tom McMillen
C. Emery Sammons
D. Gus Gerard
E. Dale Schlueter

What is the significance of April 18, 1976

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