As we gather to pay tribute to Randy Smith, please take a moment
to sign our guestbook.
 Perhaps you can find a minute to share with
us your own memories of Randy.  I realize this amateurish site is a
poor candidate to be the repository of such a rich collection of
personal memories and NBA history, but it's all we have -- and you
are among friends here.

What made Randy the most beloved Braves player of all-time? Why
did he personify the style, character and sheer will of the Braves
teams that meant so much to us?  

Maybe you had the privilege of meeting him in person. I never did.
I'm sure many of his fellow fans would welcome this final chance to
understand what he was like.  
What will be your most burning memory of #9?

Half the fun about remembering the Braves is hearing from fellow fans across the
world who were there to experience it all.  Take a moment to click a
bove to share your
memories and to read what others recall about the Aud, the team, and what the NBA
meant to Buffalo and Western New York.

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