A lot of new retro stuff with the Braves logo. Can't tell if its officially licensed or not, but the prices look good.
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Links for Braves Fans
Do You Have Any Braves Stuff?
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Now this one is a little different, but still very cool. This simulates games, play-by-play, between a list of the NBA's
greatest teams.  Included are the 1974-75 Braves team. Interactive and fun to goof around with, as you "pass" the ball
between the Braves players and decide when to shoot. (Hint: When it gets to McAdoo)
Classic  Hoops  
Possibly the coolest link I can offer you.  At Whatifsports.com you can have their computer simulate a game between
any Braves team and any team in NBA history.  You can even substitute players from the team's bench to play in
place of the common starters on that year's team.  For example I just ran a game between the 1975-76 Braves and
the 1954-55 World Champion Syracuse Nationals, which the Braves won 118-106.  You get a full box score and
everything. You gotta register and play this "Sim Game".
NBA Computer Simulation Games
Ok, nothing to do with the
Braves, but maybe the second
best thing to come out of the
70s was Pong. Here's another
brilliant way to waste away your
current life by trying to relive
your past life.  Please note, this
will open in a new browser
window with ads and/or popups I
cannot recommend clicking on.
However, just close the new
window and you're back with us.  
If the app doesn't appear to be
starting up, press the space bar
and click on the paddles a few
Seventies Stuff
Other Braves Sites
The "official" Braves page from the Clippers website. Useful for records and stats. Clippers Site
From a sports encyclopedia. Has a few pictures and a nice short summary of team history. Nothing particularly
unique here but a solid site.
Sports Encyclopedia
Another fan page, last updated in 2001. Has an article from the Braves first game and a great ad from WBEN, a few
broken links and that's it.
Retro Page
Clippers and Braves history. Fairly detailed. Wikipedia
Lots of Braves stats  Database Basketball
Even more Braves stats. Player-by-player and by season. These are referenecd on BuffaloBraves.net Players page
Basketball Reference
The saga of how the Braves almost moved to Birmingham, Alabama
The coolest feature of this stats site is that it can show what the standings looked like after every game of every
Scores and Standings
Buffalo Sports
Right now, the only Braves jerseys that have been officially recreated as Hardwood Classics throwbacks are the 1973-74
McAdoo away and the 1973-73 McAdoo home.  And they can be hard to find in stock.  You can also try eBay.
McAdoo's bio from Basketball Hall of Fame