3May76 Ramsay resigns as head coach .... 6May76 Tates Locke is named coach .... 8Jun76
Draft Adrian Dantley and George Johnson .... 14Jun76 Snyder gives Irving Cowan the option of
buying 100% of the team for $6.1 million with Cowan intending to move the team to a new
15,000 arena in Hollywood, Florida .... 15Jun76 Cowan's plan to purchase majority control of
the team and move it to Hollywood, Florida ends when the city of Buffalo is granted an
injunction halting the move .... 16Jun76 Trade Charles and Gibbs to Atlanta for Tom Van
Arsdale .... 10Sep76 Sell McMillan to New York .... 18Oct76 trade a 1978 first-round draft choice
(3-Rick Robey) to Portland for Moses Malone .... 24Oct76 Trade Malone to Houston for a 1977
first-round draft choice (18-Wesley Cox) and a 1978 first-round draft choice (4-Micheal Ray
Richardson) .... 2Nov76 Trade a 1977 first-round draft choice (13-Tate Armstrong) to
Milwaukee for Jim Price .... 9Dec76 Trade McAdoo and McMillen to New York for John Gianelli
and cash .... 13Dec76 Trade Price to Denver for Chuck Williams and Gus Gerard .... 18Jan77
Trade a 1977 first-round draft choice ((18-Wesley Cox) to Golden State for George Johnson ....
25Jan77 Locke is relieved of duty as coach after a 16-30 start to the season with Bob
MacKinnon named interim coach .... 16Feb77 Joe Mullaney is named interim coach ....
DiGregorio sets a team record with a .945 free throw percentage for the season, leading the
league .... John Y. Brown, Jr. purchases minority interest in the team .... Dantley is named NBA
Rookie of the Year and to the NBA All-Rookie Team .... Do not qualify for the playoffs
1976-77 (30-52)
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