24Apr73 Draft Ernie DiGregorio and Tim Bassett (who signs with San Diego of the ABA) ....
Outbid Kentucky and sign DiGregorio to a three-year, $2.3 million contract (with much of it
deferred) .... 10Sep73 Trade Hummer and a draft choice to Chicago for Garfield Heard and the
rights to Kevin Kunnert .... 12Sep73 Trade Elmore Smith to Los Angeles for Jim McMillan ....
1Jan74 DiGregorio sets a rookie record with 25 assists in a game .... 15Jan74 McAdoo plays
in the All-Star Game and is named Most Valuable Player .... 1Feb74 Trade Kunnert and Dave
Wohl to Houston for Jack Marin and Matt Goukas .... McAdoo sets a team record with 246
blocked shots for the season .... McAdoo leads the league with a .547 field goal percentage
and 30.6 PPG .... Randy Smith sets a team record with 203 steals for the season ....
DiGregorio is named NBA Rookie of the Year and to the NBA All-Rookie Team and leads the
league with a .902 FT% .... Donovan is named NBA Executive of the Year... McAdoo is named
All-NBA Second Team .... Lose in the playoffs to Boston 4 games to 2
1973-74 (42-40)
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